Our Mission:

                            To breed the best German Shepherd Dog that we can. We would hope to give every owner the opportunity to experience the beauty, intelligence and strength of this breed. We strive to produce strong and healthy dogs that will be good for family, have stable temperament and will be good canine citizens. We try to educate people in asking the necessary questions in order to find the "right" German Shepherd Dog to suit your particular need. We are very happy to give out the names of other reputable breeders for you to contact and compare with. Our most important goal is to help you to find the right German Shepherd Dog for you! 

We are members of USCA and the German SV and we do provide contact information and references for reputable trainers, groomers and importers. We are more than happy to share our contacts with you. For more information please feel free to contact us.

*** PPK German Shepherds reserves the right to any photos of our dogs being used in any advertisements without expressed permission. ***


Peter & Kathy Prudden                                

Stafford Springs, CT  06076

 e-mail: ppkshepherds@cox.net